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Laser Pharmaceuticals, LLC has established an impeccable reputation for providing patients with products of uncompromising quality for more than 60 years. Founded in 1956, we have developed a portfolio of life improving pharmaceuticals that are known and trusted by medical professionals. We are committed to improving patient health and access through our value-priced pharmaceuticals.

Our Products

Our pharmaceutical company has a reputable and well-prescribed portfolio of pharmaceutical products that have been trusted by Practitioners for over 50 years. With innovative allergy, cough & cold and affordable, high quality generics to meet the diverse needs of patients, Laser is dedicated to offering pharmaceuticals that improve health. We specialize in products that target common conditions, yet offer flexible options to meet the needs of every patient.



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Thank you for your interest in obtaining samples from Laser Pharmaceuticals. We look forward to providing you with any additional information you may need to learn more about our portfolio of high-quality prescription products. If you are a licensed healthcare provider in your state, please use our convenient online sample request form to review available products, select the samples you would like to receive, and submit your request. 

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